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Kevin Johnson


I'm a humanist, futurist, author and marketer.

I'm a Creative Director. I develop memorable consumer-facing brand campaign marketing ideas including digital engagements, experiential events, retail pathways, social messaging, promotions, . . . et al and etcetera.

I have a writing background, a design upbringing, and I think digitally by design. However, my interest in technology isn't gadget based; it's "consumer-experience" focused. So, I tend to look at any digitally applied advancements as an open beta. My work style has been described as "reliably unexpected", thought-provoking and very hard working; however, I try not to take it all too seriously.

I like creating ideas with strong human insights and an original point of view. I believe there is an appreciable value in diverse ideas, experiences, and perspectives. And I think being clear works just as well as being clever—sometimes better.

Finally, I'm most comfortable in atmospheres of that appreciate integrity, humanity and honest collaboration.

If you ever find yourself in need of any of these qualities, hit me up.