A lobby installation is the “Welcome mat” to a service company. The goal is to be inviting and informing—but never intimidating.

When it sets the tone for the atmosphere of corporate culture expectation in every departmental experience, then it’s important that the same emotional essence shown at the entrance is part of a continuous environment felt throughout the interior spaces as well.

So for Schneider, I wanted to create a stadium-like experience that captured the legacy pride of the people inside.

And for Samsung, the goal was to create an emotional resonance that acts as a catalyst for a sweeping organizational change of in-store shopping perception.

We needed an idea to breathe life into the appliance aisle at retail with an immersive Samsung Digital Appliance showcase experience that benefits both shopper, brand, and retailer. Where once forgotten and empty rows of cold, gray appliances become a comfort destination and create a joyful experience for tech-savvy shoppers.