Poor Direct Mail. Left outside in the mailbox while digital sits in your laptop all nice and cozy. it has to work harder to get some love in the world. The first goal is to get noticed. The second is to get the target to spend time with the piece. Only then can you ask to consider your product or services.

These did all three.

The Qwest mailers are a fun spoof of overly dramatic genre film styles. The movie posters are designed to make fun of their competitors—and then reveal that Qwest has better service.
-“How Great is it to Come Back? Based on the novel We’re not the same without you.” A film invitation.
-“Ten Weeks are Not Enough—Based on a true story” “Your ticket to better service.”
-“Back to the 50's” and “It’s an offer that you can’t refuse.”
-“All for Ca$inda. From the director of "4 services, 1 account” and “Add and save.”